Sense to Save


Highly reliable Operation in extremely harsh Environments.

Our sensor systems apply cutting edge Radar Technology combined with an AI-based Processing Platform to monitor the environment, detect anomalies and find foreign bodies as well as inspect material properties and detect defects in production processes.

Our technology finds foreign bodies in agricultural processes on harvesters and in biogas plants, inspects material properties of polymer sealings on electronic components and monitors production processes like adhesive curing, industrial baking and cooking.

Our sensor solutions help to reduce waste, save time and ensure product quality in production processes

Our sensor systems save lives and prevent accidents finding threats such as foreign bodies

Our sensor signals penetrate nonconductive materials and work completely nondestructive

Our sensor signals are nonhazardous and work highly reliable even under harsh conditions

Our highly motivated team of technical specialists shows comprehensive experience in optical, Laser and Radar Measurement Systems coming from industry and scientific institutions. We provide sensors, sensor systems as well as complete measurement solutions. Combining terahertz and Radar technology with machine learning data processing concepts, we realize highly reliable and automized measurement solutions.

Our team challenges the state of the art in measurement technology. We are continuously looking for partners and contributors to collaborate in the development of the sixth sense.


Winner of the German Founder Competition „Digital Innovations“


Team comprises now eight guys


Founding triLitec GmbH


Starting with the German EXIST-Funding-Program

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